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Ordering a Display Ad

  1. Select Ad Package
    On the next page, select the ad package that suits your needs (please refer to the graphic below, which clarifies where on the next page you'll find the section to select an ad package).

  2. Pay Online
    Use the Buy Now button to the right of your choice to make your online payment with PayPal. Once payment is made you'll be automatically linked to your advertising account page.

  3. Create Text Ad Instantly or Upload Ad Graphic
    On the advertising account page you may either create an instant, text-only ad (use the "Rich-Media Ad" field) or upload your pre-designed image with the exact pixel size noted.

    We can create your image for you (discounted from $150 to $39.95) once you place your order. Call 805--898--9267.

    Size *
    Color Profile
    Banner Ad
    534 x 168 pixels *
    jpg, gif, png
    Medium Ad
    199 x 201 pixels *
    jpg, gif, png
    Large Ad
    199 x 401 pixels *
    jpg, gif, png
    Sponsor Ad
    269 x 179 pixels *
    jpg, gif, png

    *Size must be exact or your graphic will not upload


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