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Sunday, March 6 from 11am to 12.30pm

In Person (W Hollywood)  & Online: 1.5 CEUs


Presented By Dinko Zidarich, MA, LMFT, CSAT


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 With the increasing prominence of the internet, dating/sex apps, and inno-vative sexual/relational arrangements, many of our clients face challenges requiring a deep understanding of the rapidly evolving interpersonal and technological milieus in which they invest their energy and spend their time.

 Equally important is awareness of the intersection of so many important human qualities, including gender, race, socioeconomics, sexual preference, erotic attraction, dating styles, and varied courtship rituals. These factors create a highly textured multi-dimensional dynamic that, if not fully compre-hended, can lead to therapeutic ruptures and poor clinical outcomes.

 In this rapidly complexifying social environment, virtually all of our clients need ample compassion and support for having erotic experiences and relationships congruent with their own distinctive values, desires, and needs. Navigating sex and dating in today s world can be particularly challenging for LGBTQ+ folks, especially when in the process of deconstructing old identities and/or coalescing new ones.

In addition, offering a sex-positive queer-centric lens, this workshop will explore clinicians unconscious biases in favor of heteronormative relational and sexual styles. Techniques will be provided to identify such biases and minimize their impact on the therapeutic process.

 Learning the specific languages of today s erotic milieus can be especially important for developing rapport with clients who might otherwise be reluctant to talk about many aspects of their sexuality and relational styles. Examples include understanding the differences between homoflexible and bisexual men; ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, and open relationships; a relationship quad and a  W ; PrEP and U=U; fetish and kink; BDSM and paraphilic disorders; and chemsex and sexual compulsivity.

For vaccinated guests only!

Proof of vaccination or negative test will be checked at the entrance.

Registration for in-person (West Hollywood) and online.

Physical address and Zoom links shared after registration.




Dear LAGPA Member:
The past two years during the Covid pandemic has brought significant changes to the mental health profession, with psycho-therapy interactions switched to online tele-therapy and with professional CEU courses only offered as Zoom classes. While there have been unexpected benefits to these changes, the reduced availability for in-person human interaction has led to increased mental health needs in the LGBTQ community as well as the society at large.

As an organization, LAGPA has previously offered multiple social events and APA-approved continuing education courses. Unfortunately, it was not possible to offer the highly appreciated LAGPA Annual Conference during 2020 or 2021. The most recent Summer Pool Party was a very well-attended opportunity for our members to personallyinteract with other LAGPA members and with members of other LGBTQ professional groups. We have now developed close relationships with members the Southern California Lambda Medical Association (SCLMA) and the LGBT Bar Association of Los Angeles.

Membership renewals for our professional group of LGBTQ-oriented psychotherapists have continued, but membership of the LAGPA Board of Directors has greatly declined. The board now consists of only 4 members, who have taken on increased duties during these past several years. Many of these individuals have been on the board for several years and are now seeking to step down from the board. LAGPA has a current need for new individuals to join the board in order for our organization to continue to function. We highly encourage anyone who has enjoyed the social and academic activities of LAGPA, started in 1994, to please contact any of the current board members, listed below, to inquire about joining the LAGPA Board of Directors.

Mary Guillermin, Co-President :
Terry Oleson, Co-President :
Dinko Zidarich, Treasurer :
Damien Gonsalves,Events Co-Ordinator:




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