Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a LAGPA member?

To become a LAGPA member complete the following steps:

Create a User Account
Add your Listing and Become a LAGPA Member

Create a User Account (this is private information for LAGPA use only and not available to the public)
1.    Go to New Member Signup in either the left column or in the ‘Membership’ menu
3.    Fill in and Submit the form
a.    Username should be something you can remember
b.    Email is never visible on the web. People fill out a contact form that it forwarded to you. Use an email that will be good long-term.
c.    Mailing address/phone/fax number – use whatever you want for LAGPA purposes.  Business address contact information is filled out later.
d.    Webpage in Directory - For most LAGPA members this would be “yes”.  If you don’t select “yes” your Listing will not be visible on the web.
4.    Confirm your Registration
You will receive an email confirming your User Account.  Be sure to click on the link confirming your Account.  This is a security measure so others cannot use your email to create an account.  If you do not click on this link, your account will not be activated.

Add your Listing and Become a LAGPA Member
1.    Your discount will be reflected when your Invoice is shown after completing the application.
2.    Login at
3.    Click  “ADD MEMBERSHIP” in the left column and choose your level of membership.
4.    Select one Clinical Specialization and ‘Submit’.  You can add additional specializations on the next page.
5.    On the Business Listing details page (which asks much of what was on the older LAGPA membership form) remember that if you chose to have your Membership Listing visible on the web that all people can see all of this information (EXCEPT your email address). If you chose to keep it private only LAGPA can see this information.
6.    Pay Invoice - You will be directed to the ‘Pay Invoice’ page where you can pay by credit card through PayPal or by check. Additionally you will receive an email confirming your Membership and requesting payment.

On the in Pay Invoice page be sure to enter your Discount Code to receive the discounted rate.

You do not need a PayPal account to make payment through them. 

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