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Rev. A. Yoo, M.Div., MFTI

Progress Notes ...
A quarterly publication of LAGPA, an organization dedicated to supporting and serving the mental health professionals who work within the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community. Correspondence regarding the newsletter should be sent to:

LAGPA Progress Notes
P.O. Box 34142
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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December 2011 / PDF version

  1. Executive Director Report
    We are fast coming to the end of the year; and what a year it has been for LAGPA. We have held many educational workshops throughout the year that were highly professional and offered Continuing Education credits by APA. Oh, yes, APA.
  2. Happy Merry From the Editor
    Happy Merry from all of us at LAGPA, whatever you celebrate!
  3. Holiday Party
    Annual Winter Social, Sunday December 11, 4-8 PM. Joint event with the following organizations: SCLMA (Southern California Lambda Medical Association), LGLA (Lesbian and Gay Legal Association), LGBT Business School Association of UCLA.
  4. New Medical Clinic
    Respectful care for the Entire Gender Community.
  5. Male Sex Work & Society
    This is the first scholarly, comprehensive volume devoted to male sex work. Leading contributors from developed and developing countries (including North and South America, Europe, East Asia and the Subcontinent, Oceania, and Africa) will examine research on male sex workers and their clients. The book will adopt an innovative framework which melds scholarly accounts with biographical narratives.
  6. Photos: Summer Pool Party
    27 photos from the summer event by Alexander Yoo.
  7. Board Elections
    As required by our Bylaws, each year we must conduct an election of board members by the current membership. Please take a moment to read these bios of our applicants. Ballots will be sent to you very soon by email.
  8. From The Editor
  9. Classified Ads

Newsletter Policy

Article Submission

Your articles are welcomed and solicited, and will be published on a space available basis. Please send a copy of your articles which must be typed and double-spaced, to:

Progress Notes
PO Box 34142
Los Angeles, CA 90034

You can email your articles to Chuck Stewart. This newsletter is mailed to each member, and may be sent to non-members by requesting copies either through mail (to the address above), or by calling (310) 838-6247.