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Rev. A. Yoo, M.Div., MFTI

Progress Notes ...
A quarterly publication of LAGPA, an organization dedicated to supporting and serving the mental health professionals who work within the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community. Correspondence regarding the newsletter should be sent to:

LAGPA Progress Notes
P.O. Box 34142
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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November 2010 / PDF version

  1. Executive Director Report
    LAGPA keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Our membership is up, the Annual Psychotherapy Conference was the largest ever, and even our social events are growing. Guess we are doing something right.
  2. Happy Merry
    We wish you joy this holiday season no matter what you celebrate.
  3. Photo Gallery: 16th Annual LAGPA Conference
    Here's a gallery of 20 photos taken from this year's conference held October 17th at Antioch University Los Angeles in Culver City.
  4. Advocate or Therapist? Can We Do Both?
    When a colleague came to Jen Durham, MSW the other day seeking to improve her clinical training program so as to be more trans-friendly, Jen recalled a case during one of her own internships that illustrated common clinical errors and assumptions when working with transgender clients.
  5. August 4, 2010
    It wasn’t marriage per se that was being congratulated. It was the fracturing of a 54 year-long normalizing story of being “less than,” of being “other.” It was an affirmation that my relationship in fact deserves “equal protection under the law.” Wow.
  6. PTHC Call For Proposals
    GenderQueer Revolution is proud to co-sponsor the 10th Annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference, the largest trans/gender non-conforming conference in the world.
  7. Photo Gallery: LAGPA at LACPA
    Lauren Costine, Ph.D., and Bruce Watkins, Ph.D., presented a paper co-authored by themselves and Lisa Maurel, MFT, and Rev. Alexander Yoo, M.Div., MA, while LAGPA did outreach to and on behalf of LGBTIQQ individuals and concerns.
  8. Board Elections
    As required by our Bylaws, each year we must conduct an election of board members by the current membership. Please take a moment to read these bios of our applicants. Ballots will be sent to you very soon by email.
  9. Classified Ads

Newsletter Policy

Article Submission

Your articles are welcomed and solicited, and will be published on a space available basis. Please send a copy of your articles which must be typed and double-spaced, to:

Progress Notes
PO Box 34142
Los Angeles, CA 90034

You can email your articles to Chuck Stewart. This newsletter is mailed to each member, and may be sent to non-members by requesting copies either through mail (to the address above), or by calling (310) 838-6247.