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It Keeps Getting Better

by Chuck Stewart, Ph.D., Executive Director

LAGPA keeps getting bigger and better every year. The Conference held on June 17, 2007 at Phillips Graduate Institute (PGI) in Encino, was the biggest and most successful event in LAGPAís history. We had 14 different workshops and almost 75 people in attendance. John Duran, J.D., Mayor of West Hollywood, gave a dynamic and inspiring keynote speech. I heard many members rave afterwards about how good he is at rousing the public to take action on important social issues. Thank you John! We really appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule.

I must thank Sanie Andres, M.A., for making all the arrangements at PGI. Special thanks to PGI staff member Robert Zelaya who provided onsite support throughout the event. Everything went off without a hitch. Parking was free, the rooms were comfortable and every piece of electronic equipment ran flawlessly. Thank you again to President Lisa Porche-Burke and PGI for hosting the event. their contribution was worth almost $5,000 that we otherwise would have been faced with paying for equal facilities.

Without exception, everyone raved about how good the food was at lunch. I must thank Chef Eddie Morgado. This is his second year catering the conference and he hasnít let us down yet. He does an outstanding job and is very generous to this organization. Please see his ad in this issue of the PN and use his services for your catering needs.

Of course, we must thank all the presenters. The program was varied and informative. I hope many of you will consider presenting again next year.

Finally, I want to thank the board for their excellent work. I heard over-and-over how this yearís conference flowed flawlessly. It could not have been done without your support and dedication.

One of the things we made a real effort to make sure happened smoothly was the issuance of CEUís. I can assure you that it takes a lot of planning and preparation to be able to issue CEUís the same day of the conference. Many labor intensive hours were spent completing applications and making deadlines, but it paid off. We were able to distribute the CEU certificates as people left. I know that was appreciated by all and it reduced our follow-up effort. It is our goal to always be able to issue CEUís at the end of every educational forum or conference. It builds good morale and ultimately saves us time and effort.

Lastly, I want to talk about the future. Now that we held the conference at PGI, the board has seen the rationale in continuing to hold future conferences at the other schools of mental health such as the USC School of Social Work, Antioch University, and others. This brings the existence of LAGPA to the forefront of these institutions and helps build new members. It is our plan to rotate the annual conference from school to school over the coming years. Antioch has already contacted the board about holding it there next year. USC would like to sponsor the conference and coordinate the date to correspond with students still attending classes.

The other major change for this conference was the success at obtaining sponsors. Their financial contribution was a major factor in making the conference run so smoothly. It takes about 250 hours of preparation to make the conference happen from start to finish. Some of that was paid professionals who were so invaluable at making things happen. It is our hope to double the sponsorship for next yearís conference.

This PN represents our annual membership drive. We hope you renew your membership or become a new member. There are so many benefits from being a member. Not only do we have great social and educational events, but the online referral system really pays off. Iíve heard many members report that they get a couple of new clients a year from the referral directory. Really, just one new client showing up just one time will pay for your annual LAGPA membership. It is very cost effective.

LAGPA is a great organization. Have you considered becoming a board member? We are always looking for new board members. Many stay a year or two and have fun during that time. Most of the actual work is performed by the Executive Director thus freeing you to have fun with your tenure and to give valuable insight to events.

Further, in this edition of the PN, you will see the announcement for our next social event to be held August 19 at the beautiful home of Liliane McCain, M.F.T., and is a joint venture with Southern California Lambda Medical Association (SCLMA), the LGBT physicians and medical student group. Last year, we had two great collaborations with SCLMA to which almost 70 people attended each event. Please come this year and have fun. Coming up this fall will be another wonderful educational forum arranged by board member Larry Hymes, M.A. and our annual Community Service Awards. Keep your eyes peeled for the email announcements of these events.

I want to thank all of you for your support of LAGPA. It is a great organization and you are part of that greatness. ē