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Chuck Stewart, Ph.D.

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The New, Revitalized LAGPA

by Chuck Stewart, Ph.D., Admin. Assistant

These are exciting times for LAGPA.  Emerging from the brink of extinction, the Board successfully mounted last year’s June Conference and the Community Service Awards, held two social events in collaboration with the Southern California Lambda Medical Association (SCLMA) and presented two Educational Forums that included free meals for almost 40 people.  Membership is  up to almost 150 paid members, which is greater than when I began as the Administrative Assistant six years ago, and much more.  All our taxes, business license, and website are up-to-date, and there is money in the bank.  What more can I say about the achievements of the new Board Members?

2007 begins a new year and many more challenges and opportunities.  In this issue of the Progress Notes, you will see the official announcement for the Annual Conference scheduled to be held June 17.  It is being co-sponsored and held at Phillips Graduate Institute in the Valley.  We expect this year’s Conference to the biggest and most successful ever.  Already, we have John Duran committed to give the Keynote speech.  John is always a great speaker and will fill us in on many of the legal issues affecting our profession.  Please take the time to look over the application for presenting at the Conference. Many of our members are qualified to present topics of interest to the entire membership. If you are interested in presenting, complete the form and send it in immediately. We welcome your support.

LAGPA is only as good as the support of its members. We are always in need of new Board Members to help guide LAGPA. Please consider joining the Board and bring your expertise to all.

One of the major changes that is occurring within LAGPA is the creation of an Executive Director. It has become obvious with the departure of Stuart Altschuler, that there needs to be someone in the organization who knows how to perform every task required to keep it running. Chuck Stewart, Administrative Assistant, is just such a person since he has worked for LAGPA for over six years and knows the ropes. The Bylaws are being modified to appoint him to the new position to assure the smooth continuance of LAGPA.

Written by: Chuck Stewart, Ph.D., Admin. Assistant. •